Free Fire Apk Review

Yes, free fire apk is a real thing. It’s been circulating around the internet since late last year, and many users have built up a loyalty to this app. However, there is a significant problem with the app: it does not actually offer a map or way to play in any sense of meaning.

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Free Fire Apk
Free Fire Apk

The developers behind free fire apk have only put in these features so they can charge for other upgrades that come with them… But if you’re willing to take the risk and try out the app for free before upgrading, then you might just find yourself hooked on one of the most popular apps out there today.

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Free fire apk
Free fire apk

Free fire apk was created by Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech. If you did not know, “incompetech” is the company name of the company that Kevin MacLeod belongs to. You’ll find this company’s other top apks like Clumsy Ninja (with over 4 million paid downloads) and Rocket Riot. This is not Kevin MacLeod’s first free fire apk; for this app, he has created free fire 2, free fire 3 and free fire 4 prior to this release.

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Free Fire Apk
Free FIre Apk

Free Fire Apk Features

  1. No Permissions Needed (Except Internet)
  2. Play Online
  3. Left/Right Gun Control Based on Gunplay in Free Fire 2
  4. 1 Hit Kill (No More Health Bar)
  5. Quick Reload
  6. Solid & Fast Physics Engine
  7. Fun, Easy Controls (Movement & Shooting)

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Free Fire Apk
Free Fire Apk

There are plenty of other things that make this game almost like its own original game, but if you take one good look at the app, you’ll notice it has the same features as other popular shooting apps.

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Free Fire Apk
Free Fire Apk

There is a permanent quick reload feature, which means you can just tap on the screen to reload quickly, as opposed to waiting for the animation to finish. This also lets players run and gun as they please. The fast-paced action that you would find in any other shooting game has now been implemented into free fire apk.

There is now a way to customize your guns using different skins and attachments. There’s even a new concept called “skulls”. Skulls are earned with every 500 kills or so and is added onto your total kill count. does not promote or support any form of theft. Theft is a criminal offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. Furthermore, we ask that you do not participate in or encourage theft of any structure.

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